Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So Much Research

After doing approximately 15 pages of annotations and research I have found out that music can be beneficial in many ways that I had absolutely no idea it was useful for. For example I had no idea that music therapy is being used to help patients suffering from severe depression. Also I read an article on a study that was done in a classroom that was split into two parts: one part took music/voice lessons every week, the other half took art lessons. The students who had the music and voice lessons did significantly better on SAT tests. The reasoning behind this was that music stimulates the left side of the brain which is associated with memory and retaining information. Maybe I should have taken music lessons in high school lol. I found this to be very interesting especially since I continually found the same information to back up what previous articles had claimed.

On another note I hope to begin my first "lesson" tonight. This however all depends on the schedule of my teacher...who happens to be my roommate and never seems to be around. If he can manage to free his schedule for an hour or so I hope to get this little project underway.

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  1. Posted on Facebook by Kristen Leigh-Anne New im glad your getting to learn how to play the piano