Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Late Night Practice

Hello fellow bloggers, I had intended to update you last night after I got done practicing but as you can see that did not happen. I didn't get done practicing until pretty late last night and when I came back I laid down on my bed for a minute and apparently I fell asleep before getting the chance to post an update. So I am updating you this morning. My practice last night went well. I had a lot of fun practicing with Shaun. We went into the recital hall in Sursa for our practice. It stated out like our usual practice, just practicing scales, and the simple little exercises I have been working on. Then we decided to have some fun and mess around a little bit, Shaun uncovered the Steinway piano that is usually reserved for performances (whether we were aloud to do this or not I am not completely sure) and we just messed around making up different stuff together playing back and forth with each on our pianos. We ended up "practicing" for over 3 hours and didn't get done until after 11 P.M when we left because they close the building at 11. We had a really fun time though.

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