Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My First Song

Yesterday Shaun taught me my first song. I can now play Heart and Soul. I am continuing to practice this song because I have not yet mastered the tempo and time. I can play the song but I am still quite slow because I have to stop and think about where the notes and keys are at. This is a fairly simple song to play which makes it an excellent first song for me to begin my learning experience with. It only contains five notes A,C,E,F,G.  This are the main notes to any song on the piano though. Shaun said that if I can master these notes then I can probably play 90% of songs on the piano. I also learned the order of the keys on the keyboard. This was surprisingly more simple than I had expected it to be since they just repeat themselves all the way from left to right. I am enjoying my experience so far learning the piano.


  1. That's really awesome! Hear and Soul was the first duet--besides Chopsticks--that I learned when I started playing. Keep at it!

  2. Thank you very much. I was very excited about learning the song. I hope to get better soon lol.